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Grupo J. C. R. & Del Valle Metalcast, founded in 1986, as a craft workshop, through the years the company has been grown rapidly, to become what it is today, both in technology and in production capacity.

We are currently installed in a warehouse of approximately 3600m, we have 60 employees, including administrative staff and plant.

Between factors of production we control the environmental which optimize our processes and chimney systems, reducing the emission of gases into the environment.

Moreover concerned about our staff which is why we have industrial safety.


Grupo J. C. R. & Del Valle Metalcast is committed to developing products and services that meet the requirements specified by our clients with the use of human resources and infrastructure of the company training staff to improve processes.


Grupo J. C. R. & Del Valle Metalcast is a company dedicated to the manufacture of items made of gray iron, ductile iron, aluminum, bronze and copper. Management which is essential to meet the needs of companies and private utilities which are engaged endowment sewage system and drinking water; with a specialized staff and equipment of last generation technology for nodular cast iron.


Be the leading company in the domestic market to subsequently project ourselves in the international market; in the manufacture of products of sewage system, telephone and drinking water with standardized processes and high quality, preserving the environment. Always following the national and international standards.
Grupo J. C. R. & Del Valle Metalcast - Fabricación De Materiales En Aluminio